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Advance Denim is deeply rooted in its heritage as the first denim mill in China, but it also has its eye on the future. Advance strives to be true to denim yet also endeavors to be innovative and groundbreaking at the same time.

We have been pioneering many sustainable innovations in the past three years as we look inward and invest in green manufacturing throughout our entire process. These sustainable innovations have been considerable, and we have introduced Big Box dying, closed loop finishing and the aggressive goal of using 90 percent green fibers in all our styles by 2023. Advance Denim will continue to invest in sustainability throughout our whole manufacturing process, but at the same time will continue to use our experience, vision and technology to bring our customers the newest cutting-edge innovations in denim.

It is a historically challenging period for the whole world with disruptions in every facet of our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic will certainly change many aspects of consumer and retail behavior. These changes will be widespread and unprecedented but will certainly take shape in the coming months.

Advance Denim is expanding its Advanctech line of technical denims in response to potential needs in the market. Answering customers’ requests, we have introduced two new concepts that center around safety and protection. These two groundbreaking concepts focus on protecting your health and safety but derive their active ingredients from two very different places.

The first product we are debuting is Kyroene Single-Layer Graphene Denim. Graphene is a super material that was discovered in 2004 by two physicists in the United Kingdom. These future Nobel Prize winners adhered a simple piece of tape to a block of graphite. When they pulled the tape off, they discovered the lightest, thinnest and strongest material known to man.

Graphene is only one atom thick and is bonded in a honeycomb lattice that despite being so thin and strong is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity. The key aspect that we were interested in is that graphene acts as an anti-bacterial that actually destroys the cell membrane of bacteria on contact. The antibacterial properties of graphene are exciting, but it also acts as an anti-UV and anti-static, and it reflects far infrared energy back into your body to promote wellbeing.

Kyroene Single-Layer Graphene Denim uses a patented method of infusing the graphene into the fiber so its antimicrobial properties will last for the life of the garment. Advance feels that Graphene Denim is the fabric of the future that is perfect for today.

Advance Denim has also developed Careplus+C denim. Careplus+C is also an antimicrobial denim that uses fibers infused with chitin as its active ingredient. Chitin is a polymer extracted from marine algae and shells that prevents the growth of bacterial and fungal microorganisms. It does this by forming a polymer membrane that prevents bacteria from absorbing nutrients, thus preventing cell division. The bacteriostatic rate of chitin-infused fabrics can be as high as 99 percent.

Careplus+C denim not only acts as an antimicrobial and anti-odor but as a skin moisturizer that is safe and nontoxic, providing safety and comfort all in one fabric.

Advance Denim will continue to rely on its experience, technical expertise and vision to offer our customers the most cutting-edge denim styles that address the world’s changing needs. Styles like Kyroene Single-Layer Graphene Denim and Careplus+C add new options for personal protection but as with all of our styles, they do this without sacrificing the look and feel of true vintage denim. Cutting-edge technologies and true vintage shades and constructions create the Future Vintage styles that are the foundation of Advance Denim.

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