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As performance and sustainability gain influence with consumers, suppliers like Advance Denim understand it is not enough to provide one without the other. And the mill’s solution is Kyorene Graphene Denim, denim fabric infused with graphene nano particles, “the lightest, thinnest, hardest and strongest material known to man.”

Kyorene Graphene Denim is essentially an all-in-one fabric, and its application is a low impact, environmentally safe process.

Described as a “super material” that is 1,000-times finer than human hair, yet is 100-times stronger than steel, the single-layer graphene fiber enhances denim with bacteriostatic and deodorizing properties, and effectively protects skin by blocking ultraviolet rays.

Fabrics infused with graphene also possess strong cooling and wicking properties, and have far-infrared heating which can improve microcirculation and promote metabolism.

Since its discovery in 2004 by professors at the University of Manchester in the U.K., graphene has been applied to batteries, spacesuits, cut-free gloves, high performance bicycles and activewear, but its potential for everyday apparel like jeans, said Mark Ix, Advance Denim director of marketing, North America, is just beginning, especially as consumers are seeking antibacterial alternatives.

“As we learn more of the benefits of graphene, we feel [there will be] truly be more exciting applications,” he said. “It truly is a future fiber.”